South American teams on career mode

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Didn’t see this post here, so what is the reason they put the S.A. teams into career mode and you can’t even play with them? It can’t be because of contracts with the teams, cause they’re actually in the game... they should at least be in the “rest of world” selection page... anybody knows when that will happen!?


  • DanielA-NUFC
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    Not sure but you can buy from them and there is a lot of good hidden gems in there
  • Steffolovitch
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    What do you mean? Surely you can play with them in the South American leagues?

    Some teams aren't right though. Boca Juniors is called Buenos Aires with fake kits too, and River Plate is Nuñez or something like that. Colo Colo is also called a false name, and perhaps others too. I hoped this would be fixed with the addition of Copa Libertadores, but the correct teams in that mode are just not included in career mode. Sadly.
  • gvpFLA
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    Thanks guys, yeah I saw you can buy players from them, but you can’t be a manager of those teams in career mode...
    you know how there’s a “rest of world” and you could put those teams in place of others? That’s not even an option for the newest clubs in conmebol (at least in the consoles), hopefully they’ll fix this...
  • Steffolovitch
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    Well, you can, but there are these few teams who have fake names in Career Mode. But you can play with them, if you can accept their fake names and kits, or you can play with the other teams there...

    Personally I don't bother playing in these leagues, where one or two of the top teams are fake. The same goes with Serie A, that has been dead to me in FIFA20.
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