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This shows how ridiculous some players are.
I had to quickly jump on EA help page (nothing dramatic or worth sharing). When on the website, you can actually see how many open or closed reports have been made against you.
I had 6 people report my club name this Weekend League. Think its known as "Profane Club Name".
I have 2 teams i play with, they are WorcesterEFC and WorcsEverton. What the hell?!
In fairness it looks like EA closed the reports with no action taken but just shows how bitter people can be if they lose. Either that or they really dont like the mighty Everton.


  • SomeNextGuy
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    Hahaha, how do you see these reports?
  • Mackie17
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    They see your club name not team name tho I think? Idk
  • CallumBaby
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    how do u see these reports? would love to see if anyone reported my team name curly wurlys because that would be real salt
  • WorcsEverton
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    I was on EA help page, having issues logging into companion app so was trying to see what i could do. Not sure the exact steps i took, bit of a wormhole, but something i pressed in a drop down box loaded up my 'cases'. A list of reports for Profane Club Name popped up with the time and date they were reported.

    And even if it is club name instead of team name, mine is still only one of the above i mentioned. Creature of habit so barely any variation in what i choose.
  • LiamSully
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    You can’t see team names, only club names
  • InformCollector
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    Exeter Gently
  • PaulDr
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    Bloody hell, but I'm not surprised, given the infantile messages I sometimes get on the xbox. Reporting you for having a good team in a low division, reporting you because you won so must have cheated.
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