Ping counter / ps4 pro fan

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Afternoon all

Just want to confirm my suspicions and see if anyone else has the same thing.
First being

1) ping counter - means absolutely nothing right as I always have a ping of 15-25 yet gameplay is diabolical at times

2) ps4 pro fan - does anyone elses fan go mental when your player celebrates and you get a view of the crowd. Also goes absolutely mental in the pack opening bit as well.



  • 1) Agree with the ping counter - mine is between 10-16 ms, but all games in Rivals and WL my players are so slow and there is constantly input delay. I've forwarded all PS4 related ports on the router and have cable connection, no improvement.
  • gregsii
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    Yes I've done the same
    EA ports
    FIFA ports
    Ps4 ports
    I play on Ethernet cable.
    On FIFA I use the controller while plugged into the usb port rather than Bluetooth and makes no difference at all.

    I've worked in IT for 10 years so know a fair bit about this stuff.
    I've done traceroutes from my home to EA servers and get 0 packet loss. I've put continuous pings on all their servers and it is a constant 10-20.

    Do you know what's even more odd. Last night I was playing FIFA with a ping of 35-45, apparently this was the lowest I could get last night yet the gameplay was literally perfect, as if you were playing offline.
    To be honest you should not be feeling any delay until you start getting to about 80ms and up, even then it should be very little delay. 100 ms is 100 milliseconds ..... 0.1 seconds.

    I've read the pitch notes on EA website and to be honest to me it sounds like they're talking garbage.
    They tell you that they 'could' use artificial delay, but do not clearly state that they dont. This means that if one person is on a poor connection and one isn't, artificial delay smooths the gameplay out for both of you so that it is not jittery and playing catch up continuously.
    Personally I believe there is artificial delay in the game. Seems quite obvious to me actually.

    Either that or the data centre servers around the world do not share the same spec - some are on poor hardware compared with the ones on decent hardware.
    Or the people that designed them just have not configured them to be able to handle such large amounts of people at peak times. Shocking for a company with the profit gains as EA.

    There's a data centre in Dublin, which is not actually the closest to me living in England. I'm actually amazed that there isn't one in England!
    The closest is the one in Paris about 320 miles away.

    When my ping is 35-45 odd I must be connecting to one in Europe somewhere, Amsterdam or something.. maybe even Dublin, who knows??

    I'd love to be an infrastructure engineer at EA and be able to see how everything is configured.

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