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TLDR;: I am looking for someone with whom I can practice certain aspects of defending

Honestly, I never was a really good player and never wanted to be, just having fun around keeping that 50-60% winrate but this year with changes to defending, it is literally unplayable for me. Tackles were becoming more and more useless in recent years since like 15 but this year, on 9/10 occasions I find myself in a worse position even after a tackle is successful because it rebounds to the enemy while they just MMA my players and got the ball with ease. I am looking for someone who could help me a bit (via Skype and online friendlies to practice) to 1) maybe set up my team in a way AI defends better (IDK if it is possible but my opponents tend to have their uncontrolled players running around, cutting passing lanes, etc. on their own or grouping my ball holder with 3-4 players) 2) help me do something against drawback moves. there are quite a lot of people who can't put together two proper passes or literally do anything else apart from spamming drawbacks but even when I know that they will do that and know that how they will do that, I seem to be unable to defend it, they go through jockeys, tackles, everything (sometimes even fouls). 3) could maybe offer a few general constructive insight to my gameplay (especially defending but optimally to attacking as well).
I checked a lot of YT videos but none of them seems to be dealing with drawbacks (links to videos like that are also appriciated) so thats why I am thinking that I am doing something terribly wrong but I am losing a horrible amount of games due to that. Goal is not that high, would like to get to stable 14 wins on weekend league (i am on 11-13 right now, sometimes getting lucky with 14).
Cheers if there is someone who could help me.


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    Let me ask you a question. Do you use dragbacks yourself? The only way to defend against dragbacks is if you know when your opponent might use a dragback. How do you intend to defend against a dragback if you don't know when your opponent will use it?

    Try adding dragbacks into your own gameplay. Once you learn when dragbacks work and when they don't, you will anticipate when your opponent might use it and you will be more prepared for it.

    I'm assuming that when you say "drawbacks" you're actually saying dragbacks. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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