afer playing apex,my PING so so bad.please help

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After playing apex legends, my PING numbers have dropped a lot. Normally it's 6-8ms, but after playing apex legends, the PING value dropped to 500-700ms. What kind of problem would this be? Is anyone else having the same problem? At this rate, we can't play the game. Please help me.


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    I mentioned this near the start of fut20, I'm not playing Apex anymore haven't for afew months now but whenever I used to play Apex and then Fifa my connection would be completely ruined on Fifa but not if I play Fifa before Apex, it was highly annoying as I would like to play some Fifa then take a break from WL and play Apex but when I go back to Fifa it would be un playable even with a reset ... I never managed to figure out a cause or fix but my advice is don't play Apex during the weekend if your playing weekend league, sucks I know but you don't want that bad connection.

    Would be good if EA could comment on a potential cause or fix for this though as it basically makes you pick Apex or Fifa witch ain't good becuse alot of gamers have there sports game then there shooting game and also they are both EA games so it's needs to be fixed.

    I'm PS4 btw
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    I completely uninstalled APEX and reset the net line, which improved temporarily, but again the PING dropped to 700. Normally it's 6-8, so it's incredibly worse, and while I won't be playing APEX this weekend, I don't think it's going to get fixed now that I've already played it. I want it to improve.
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