TOTS Alisson is a massive let down

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I packed him in an untradeable jumbo rare players pack from the WL milestones and thought he would be my GK until the end of the game.

I was 100% wrong.

His kicking from hands is probably the best I've seen from a keeper and his reflexes to stop chip shots are top drawer but that's where the positives stop unfortunately.

There have been times when he has let in the poorest of shots when 90 percent of gold keepers would have saved them. He seems to pary EVERYTHING which is incredibly frustrating.

I have baby Schmeichel and refresh Areola both untradeable and they have outperformed Alisson by a long way.

I decided to do the De Gea sbc and he has been immense so far.

In short, if you're thinking about Alisson then give him a miss and do De Gea instead. Alisson will be SBC fodder unfortunately, good fodder at least
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