How many times per game?

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Do you find yourself shouting the word "bull****" or similar at the screen?

I'm pretty sure my neighbour thinks I have tourettes at this point due to the amount of laughable things that happen per game.

Case in point - lost this game after battering his goal - he had 6 icons, I had a bang average Serie A Objective team with loan Riquelme.

If you couldn't already guess, one goal came in the 45th minute, one in the 90th, when my defence suddenly had more holes than Swiss cheese.


  • HulkSmashPotato
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    Passed that stage, I killed mine with my controller went thru the wall.
    They are currently buried in the garden 😁

    Ps. Please don't tell anyone

    Edit.. Plot twist I live in a flat 🤔
  • Mark73
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    Usually 1 time per game is guaranteed. Best one i had yesterday... I was at 0-0 and it was a tough game to be fair. 92 minutes my right back (PIM Zambrotta) has ball and I press to do a simple pass along the wing, no further than say 10 metres. And it decides that I pressed to aim it to my Cb. It decides to bounce off said Cb straight to his striker. Clear through. I bring keeper out makes save, bounces back off striker hits post and rolls along line. Keeper runs back with striker. Striker slides and wipes out keeper and taps ball in goal.....i just laughed, let game finish and turned off for the day.
  • Gromit
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    Loads, I can't believe theres people out there that use microphones when they play.

    I spend most games yelling at the TV.
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