Dear Canadian Friends

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Fix your servers with the team of the year money packs this is a football game not a hockey game make my players run and not slide on the field and moving like a 80year old man


  • aziz_221
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    it is every where ea this way can take more money from us we know will win or loss from first 5 mins you will find your players like bronze

    nothing to do
  • Stehpool
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    Everyone plays the same tactics 4231 hoofing it down the wing passing about waiting untill Fifa forces a mistake. A 5 yard pass to the opposition instead of your player etc. It’s not a skilled game it’s luck of the draw who gets the better game play/luck. To many games are decided by AI goalkeepers one plays unreal one can’t save anything and when he does pushes it straight back to the attacker. I don’t even think it’s a server issue there’s defently some code that randomly picks which team will play better making you think you need better players and spend money. I’ve seen 70 pace defenders catch Vardy that ain’t a server issue.
  • LahmChops
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    Dont blame Canada for EA. We are just as frustrated with servers, trust me.
  • Pedrodnl
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    Forget to talk about the hit the post all the time and they said they fixed that it’s more easy to hit the post in this game than to score a goal they should ad hit the post match in friendlys. FIFA 21 forget about this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ game EA just release FIFA 17 with upgraded squads
  • Mackie17
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    Definitely canadas fault 😂 eh
  • Wayno69
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    Can't stand Canada. Full of Canadians that work for EA.
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