what have they done !!!

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seriously ea must have some form of answer. the whole gameplay has changed. players with balanced set for everything and no fast build up nothing getting tired after 45 mins !!

in the space of two weeks i have gone from 3 weeks in a row 20 plus wins on weekend league to last weekend 14 and this weekend i will be extremely lucky to scrape 11 wins !!

this has absolutely nothing to do with me i am sure of that my gameplay has been consistent for the whole of fifa !!!

please EA sort it out you are literally killing the game beyond the point where a lot of players will never return


  • chris7
    19 posts Last Pick at the Park
    update i just had a guy rage quit after 30 mins i was 4-0 up on weekend league
    he had 7 shots and 6 on target . my keeper pulled of stupidly unrealistic great saves .
    i had 4 shots and 4 rebounded of the keeper and came back to me for a tap in whilst surrounded by 4 of his defenders !!
    even winning feels embarrassing i NEVER ever want a game assisted in my favour . if i am good enough i will won simple as that
    quit fixing games EA

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