850.000 coins on packs, and i got...

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As i realize this is the end, the last fifa game im gonna buy, i said well, lets see what we get for the sum of coins i had to use.

850.000 coins used

Best players was 85 (cb) Gimenez


Selling the rest of squad, should be another 800.000.


  • Boysie91
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    Doesn't surprise me one bit
  • LevelJohn
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    Mind you, i also opened my saved ultimate pack for 300 rivals wins, and two mega packs 30 players guaranteed.
  • Rossco160715
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    I’ve seen in excess of 40m Fifa coins opened tonight worth of packs without a single tots.
  • Since the start of TOTS, i've opened 44k FP and done EPL SBC x2, La Liga, Serie A x2 along with every SBC released as well as RIvals rewards this week. I've packed 3 TOTS, 2 Untradeables in Cash and Simon and the tradeable Benrahma. Honestly it's frustrating but I've played UT since '11 and I don't expect my pack luck to change any time soon
  • LevelJohn
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    Status update: spent 1.832.000 coins on packs.

    Reward: highest rated player: Thiago 87, also most valueable. Laughable.

    Fun fact, not one hunter or shadow card in any pack.

  • Ballist1x
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    I still haven't packed shadow card all year
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