Disconnect & DNF loss in WL matches

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I usually don’t play WL but decided to play this week coz Rivals is screwed up and the TOTS rewards.

First 2 matches, both 2-1 up, get kicked out of FUT and get DNF loss. Idk if there’s an exploit the opponent is using or the severs are that hopelessly bad, I just can’t be bothered again.What’s the point in getting rewards/better players if you can’t even play the game?

Been a whole year of this. Squad Battles are a complete sham, Rivals is only for objectives, and WL..well we all know how that is. There’s no mode left anymore where you can get a match with an opponent of similar skill level/team to just play and enjoy the game.


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    It's their very poor servers and netcode, disconnects happens to me to on occasion too. Last time I was robbed of getting the next tier when the game disconnected me in the 70 minute when I was 3 up.
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