players seem unresponsive

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hi :)
is anyone else experiencing this . i have a 10 million pound squad and generally sit around division 2 and get 20+ win on weekend league most weekends !
this last week and a half i feel like a complete and utter amateur . my players are completely unresponsive . they don't make runs, they don't make any form of tackle when the ball is near them and when i try and outpace anyone even with a 97 messi he even gets caught by godin !!
passing feels like it's aiming straight for my opponent :(

i have literally tried everything including tactic changes but i am literally getting bullied every game and lucky to create 6 or 7 changes where as i am used to making 20 plus chances a game .
any advice much appreciated


  • Dro_bro
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    Take a break bro. Happens to me On occasion and I have to make myself abstain for a couple days. I always lose when I feel like I have to play but don’t really feel inspired.
  • Chavez76
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    try to recreate your team in the exact same way .. I know it sounds stupid, but apperently it can help ..
  • chris7
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    cheers lads !! yeh chavez i have done this in previous fifa's and have had some results to be fair . i will give that another go today and see how i get it. just so frustrating as i don't pretend to be able to mix with the elite but i can definitely hold my own on fifa but recently i wouldn't even beat my gran online haha. i post my weekend league update later on if i get chance
  • MoeilijkeMan
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    Same here, div 2/g1 player and playing is if it’s my first time holding a controller. The servers are a disgrace but I can’t get my head around the fact my opponents seem to not be having the same issues. I’m losing to terrible players and I’m very willing to admit when I’m beat by somebody better.
  • chris7
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    update played 4 weekend league lost 4
    i have officially lost faith in the game . my passing accuracy would of been below 20% in every game
    tackles won 0
    players turning like a double decker bus
    passes taking at least a second to register and by the it's too late .
    there must surely be something wrong here !!
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