psn still complicated

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arggghhhh.. cant sign in since 3hours ago..


  • dennykho
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    cant playy... i want playing fut pleaseee psn... T.T
  • dennykho
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    i think some people whose use nat type 2 maybe have the sampe problem with me.. or maybe many people just have the same problem with me now?
  • ha032742
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    No, maybe it's a regional problem?
  • ASH32
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    I've seen a number of post on here with people saying they're are having problems with the PSN over the last few weeks. It must be an issue somewhere but since it's unlikely to be at your end I'm not sure what you can do.
  • UpTh3B0r0
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    its fine in the uk. nat type 2 is fine. try changing your dns servers sometimes that does the trick. use opendns ones and
  • jdsmith1966
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    Bit of a longshot but this worked for me last year when i had problems signing in...go to your network settings/manual and leave everything as it is except mtu settings change this to 1473 switch console off then back on again..if it doesn't work just change them back
  • Kiid
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    Relationship: it's complicated
  • it's working ok for me (Brazil)
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