how to know if the game playable before start the game?

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some games my team looks 50 chemistry and I could not even tackle
is there anyway to know if ea broken servers good to play or not before I start the game
I just know one way but after the game is started I give the ball to player with high balance and agility and move the player in different directions if he slow I disconnect


  • Unfortunately not as the game plays differently for people at the same time, so someone in the forums could be having great connection while it's terrible for you.

    Tried to play a couple yesterday afternoon and it was laughable, 3-0 within 15 mins in 2/3 games, gave up, played some online Seasons before going back to warfare

    Main thing is not to continue to play when it's like that as you'll spiral down in the divisions and annoy yourself when there's nothing you can do about it anyway
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