Why is there no more TOTW moments?

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So I see that there wasnt a new Totw M released today.
U just released a sbc that needs u to have 3.
Now I know there is a TOTW sbc that last for 48 days BUT:
1. The packs are untradable which means totw players will become much more expensive.
2. U need PACK LUCK to get players that actually works in the sbcs you are doing or you will have to buy even higher rated players to do sbcs. Trippier needs a 85 and a 86 rated squad and the totw packs will most likely give u players rated 75-80, Meaning its random how much you grind those pack to get a player that u can use in a sbc. Ofcourse u can buy from the marked, but with no totw players generated from tradable packs those players will become more and more expensive and we will have to start overpaying for players,

Now I like that we can do totw packs for 48 days as many times we can.
But not releasing a TOTW will make sbcs a real pain and extra grind.
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