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Have EA said what players we will be getting if we open saved TOTW Player packs whilst TOTW is suspended?

I've had a pack for ages waiting for a good TOTW... obviously we haven't had any.


  • CarpeDiem
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    If you opened it now id assume it would contain players from the most recent TOTWM until the next TOTW is announced.
  • Turkey_man
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    Thanks mate. Hopefully EA have given some clear direction on this but I doubt it.

    I'm going to hold on until a good TOTS is out and see what happens.
  • unxius
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    EA said people that still have them packs will be able to open them and get a random league sbc player , but only if you open them yesterday from 13:56 -13:57
  • TheTataGuy
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    Probably just from the last totw
  • wetcase
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    What will happen to my existing TOTW packs?
    Existing Team of the Week Packs (TOTW Upgrade, Ultimate TOTW Pack, Premium TOTW Pack) will continue to include Player Items from TOTW 26. If we are able to reintroduce TOTW later in the year, these packs would then update to use the active TOTW as per usual.
    Pitch Notes — FUT Content Update

    Haven't seen any info about the TOTWM packs yet.
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