Code is broken not just servers

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Really can't face playing fut while it's so delayed and slow, so thought I would play some career mode. My got it's just as bad. Passes take forever to reach target. Passed go in different directions to where I aim. Players won't react and just watch the ball go past them. Constant heavy touches and unable to control the ball. I could go on and on but the point I am making is, this can't be server related as I have tried playing offline and it's exactly the same, so all of these issues must be ingrained in the code itself.


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    Same thoughts after playing Squad Battles yesterday for Icon Swaps grind. Got 21/21 wins thankfully to be over it as quickly as possible(1 match went to Extra Time) but some matches were just painful.

    I know SB is an online mode too but it will still tell you that even if you and your opponent would have perfect connection to each other, the delay cant be solved until the root reason of the delay is solved.
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    First game on rivals today everything was going straight back to me, I had a clear advantage and the opponent eventually RQ'd. Second game, couldn't score until opponent scored, but then as soon as I scored he got gifted one back, 2nd half my players were missing open goals or hitting the post so I couldn't force a draw. If the game is rigged, that was a prime example and sadly not an untypical experience. 3rd game was was like the first.

    So today's experience so far is that I've had a better connection every game, there's always the other 'interference' but when you've got connection advantage it's still a reasonably fun though somewhat hollow experience, a bit like a Squad Battle game when the AI isn't saving every single shot and allowing you to smash the goals in.

    Once I'm back up to mid-range divisions however, I'll start facing people with better connections again, then it becomes a purely miserable and pointless experience being always a second or so behind the play, to the point where I'll self relegate again - not to complete objectives(I'm not bothering with those anymore) - just to have a decent game.

    I'm not sure it's just the servers. We all know how the game can magically transform after a run of defeats or buying FPs without doing anything to your internet.
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