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I’m late to fifa this year so running a hybrid with some cheap options have fuenzalida at the moment but wondering if benrahma might be better? Any opionions? Thanks !


  • RexAnglo1066
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    Fuenzalida is quite well regarded, and I enjoy the card and have him in a Chile hybrid team - but, I guess you'll only know for sure by getting Benrahma and trying him out...and I can't offer a perspective as I haven't used him.

    Are you going to have to sell Fuenzalida to get the money for Benrahma?

    If so, you can always sell and rebuy.

    If not, get both and then sell the one you aren't as impressed with.

  • Jrutts
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    Yeh I’ve just bought him to play upfront with Gervinho fuenzalida still playing cam, first game 2 goals decent..
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