fifa goes to windowed mode during FUT gameplay

fifa goes to windowed mode during FUT gameplay during every game. Can only play squad battles because i keep getting thrown out of games because of the windowed mode. Anyone knows the sollution?
I've tried:
repairing fifa
reinstalling xbox accesoires app
playing with keyboard only

no idea what else to do


  • Have you done your settings on the origin fifa menu to full screen?
    Also could be your monitor settings? I use Nvidia to do this. Not sure what set up u have
  • I have also tried full mode/windowed mode. Same story. I usually play on my TV but it only recently caused problems. Before I never had any issues. The only thing that changed was my anti virus
  • It also happens during other games. I think the computer switches between keyboard/mouse and my Xbox controller. But no idea how to fix that either
  • Is your Xbox controller the elite version? If so have u updated it?
  • Mordiir
    3 posts Ball Boy
    I reinstalled the Xbox app, idk man it's annoying as f**** and no way to file a ticket to ea appearantly
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