EA Live chat send me to general discussion forum about my CSL SBC beeing stuck =(

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Thank you for contacting EA HELP, may I start with your first name please?
Nice to meet you. As I can see that you have contacted us regarding FIFA 20, can you elaborate your concern a bit more please?
yes, CSL player sbc is completed, all teams are green, but it still say 15/16 teams completed
I can imagine how inconvenient it can be if you have issue with sbc.
its been like this for almost 1 month now, need to be fixed so i can get the player i want
May I know when you completed the sbc
Dont remember 30 days ago maybe
Its still there, its under Player SBC CSL repeteble
I have checked your game stats and would like to tell you that you loss the last sbc game and the stats are showing 15/16
Yes but all teams are green its not a match you play, alla teams are complete in my end, every team say completed
wich team is not completed? i can send a picture, that shows every team is green
However for that bug you can post this on official forums as the team will check it and help you with that.
no they will not
i need my player pick and get the sbc reset
Here is the link:
no thanks
i need you or any other person to help me now

Well as I can see that game stats are showing on my end and would suggest you to please restart your console and game again.
no, its been like this for 1 month, i have restarted my console during that time
wich team is not completed

oh! okay
Then would suggest you to please post this bug issue on forums.
wich team is not completed
you dont give my any kind of help, give me my player pick and reset the CSL legue SBC please
nobody on fifa forum will ever help me with this

It cannot be possible from our end as we do not have the option to do it.
but who has? nobody on a forum will help me
where can i get help

Atleast give a try and post this issue on forums,
where on general forum? you realy think any random person can help me
Yes please post it on general forums.
haha, never, people laugh when you send custumer there, i want help now, not that you just can send med away.
I understand this is your job and not your fault , but this is just stupid that youre not even trying to help.
whatever i will post this on general forum


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    You were right the whole time, nobody will help you here, I'm really sorry
  • Mackie17
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    DW I've had a word with mate down the road and he said he will come over and give the console a kick in the sweet spot for you. If that doesn't work your ❤️❤️❤️❤️ tho
  • Murf1985
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    There used to be a phone number in Ireland I think that was actual customer service people and would deal with your problem. Now there is no specific customer service team for any problem in game.
  • SPN1987
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    I honestly don't give a crap.
  • iGainZ
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    It’s ridiculous ahahaha

    I feel you, sorry man.
  • Basket
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    U could start by taggin @EA_Roger .. maybe he can help (or at least post a funny gif)
  • Mackie17
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    Ooo I love GIFs
  • TDOF
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    Yeah EA help are really helpful....

    they even think EA corey and Zaro are football players

  • Zalisis
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    However much EA are paying their customer service team in New Delhi, Islamabad or wherever it is located, you're still being ripped off.

    More chance of getting helpful feedback if you walk down the street, knock at number 27 and ask Doris, the 89 year old who still uses a VHS player.
  • kaaasen
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    Holy ❤️❤️❤️❤️. This lack of customer service would be shocking if it wasn't EA.
  • Tuqijuno
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    Foldsea wrote: »
    you loss the last sbc game

    Where can I play sbc games too? And can I win it?
  • Brustring1893
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    Tuqijuno wrote: »
    Foldsea wrote: »
    you loss the last sbc game

    Where can I play sbc games too? And can I win it?

    That made me laugh out loud. These guys and girls are really helpful at all times.
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