Most fun teams to use in Career Mode?

I've got some super fun Career Modes going at the minute, from the big teams to the climbing up the ranks style. Does anyone have a particular team they use for any objectives? My faves so far are Salford (good budget for the league and a long way to go) and Milan (young squad with amazing potential).


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    I'm one of those who enjoy similarities to real life. So to play in a real stadium is something that I enjoy instead of "Town Park" or whatever they're called. It does help to edit the stadium names though, but still a team like Sunderland will be a good shout, mainly because of playing at the Stadium of Light. The same goes with kits and crest. I want the kits and crest of the team to look right.

    History and realism

    I also like to use teams, who have a winning history. Imagine putting Sunderland up there, challenging for the title in the Premier League. I know it's been a while, but it's still a team with 6 league titles to their name. Aston Villa, Huddersfield Town and Blackburn are other teams, who have endured a winning spell at some point. I would rather "bring the glory back" to one of these clubs than putting Cambridge Utd up top, someone who have not had such a history and don't have that in their DNA.

    You mention Milan yourself, and I can't count the times I've done a "Bring the glory back to Milan" career, haha... Just can't do it this year because of the Juventus situation. I won't play in a league that doesn't have the correct team names. So no Serie A, no Argentinian or Chilean league. Not for me.

    Club icon or manager

    When starting a career I always choose who the manager will be, and I usually pick out a former player or club icon to be the manager. For instance Totti, if I play with Roma, or perhaps I'll just use the current real manager of the club in question, especially if the manager is a young, up-coming one. I've also retired a player during player career to make him a manager. Did this with Mascherano for instance. But had to start in China, as the only club offers came from there... Did switch to Club Brugge since then, and then to Dortmund, so it turned out pretty well, I'd say.
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