Weekend league issues

Hi players, developers,

I would like to report some issues and ask some questions.

- passes are going everywhere but to the direction I choose. why does the game prefer to pass to the players in offside position? NO, the given direction was not pointing to the player on offside position.
- there are many games where I have no chance to win since my attackers hit the bar, shot the balls to the keeper's hand, shot the balls out of the stadium or to various other places but to the net. (no I am not the stupid guy who has no idea how to play this game)
- the referee makes faulty decisions (I would be curious why the opponent gets a penalty I clearly hit the ball during a sliding tackle) and it is support 1 team all the times. the other team's players cannot have a bad look to the others otherwise they have a yellow card(in better cases) and the opponent a freekick.
- at the end of the match in the highlights these questionable moments are NEVER visible. Why? i would be great to record them and report as an issue. wondering why ea does not want to see these issues with the game...
- button delay, I am wondering why it takes 2-3 seconds to make a simple pass (with icons and other 88+ players)
- player stats have no effect on the game. how can a defender with with 70 pace catch an attacker who has 90+ pace? or an attacker with 99 shoothing (shoting not just the finishing) miss 7-8 shots out of 10? even if I am the most idiot player they should score 5-6 with that shooting.
- many time the game doesnt allow me to change to an other play who is in a better position during defending.
- there are metas in the game. why?
- extra time: if the extra time 2 mins why the game let the clock running for extra 4-5 mins? even if the ball left the pitch the clock is running further
- does it count at all if the player is tired? e.g Mbappe with empty fitness bar (it is maybe hidden after 60 mins, I can imagine everything at this point) he is running as hell
- The deletion action doesnt work most of the times

- address the comments above.

- Questions:
- why ea push 1 team on the games and does not allow 1 good moment for the opponent? In other words why ea decide the result of the games?
- why the kick off glitch is still in the game?
- is there any red listed accounts? (hard to believe that 1 guy open 3-4 icons or 90+ playes in a week while many others have bad pack luck since years?
- is there any way to move an account to the red listed accounts? buy some fifa points maybe? or I should simply delete the club since if I do not play I will not experience these issues?
- Is it decided in advance how many wins a player can get?

there was a promise before fifa 20 was released: " fifa 20 will be the most realistic football game ever". please send me a link of a real match where I can see the real players play as badly as the they do in the game. NO regional championships does not count only those that are in the game.

what I described above is my experience on the current weekend league. (not all the games were that bad. on few games the team was great but on the next game they forgot how to play.

p.s: not a problem if you ban my account, it will be a confirmation that I am right. probably this would be the best
that could happen with my account.

Looking for your comments!



  • shez82
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    I don’t normally subscribe to a lot of the comments youve made but I’ve had similar issues this weekend. Went 9-2 on Friday, lost 8 in a row and now at 11-12. I. Normally finish around 14-4 and then stop 🤷‍♂️
  • Dear EA!

    I have the same issues during the FUT Champion gameplay. I am pleasured that other gamers has already faced the same problem and I am not alone...
    - button delay... game reaction is about 2-3 seconds...? Ridiculous...
    - my players can not perform any short or long pass with 85+ pass rating. They prefer to chose someone from the opponent team...
    - offside issue! Why the crosses are deliverd to the one and only one player who is on offside? I can not believe this...
    - my prime and mid icon attackers always misses the one on one actions... with 99 positioning and finishing...
    - why my players move randomly on the field? They never follow my insteuctions...
    - on youtube videos I can see that silver players are perform better then my 90+ players and has better finishing... they never miss any gol attempt... maybe they are higher rated accounts?

    Why EA you follow this way? Can you pls give us an explanation why did you break this game? We have payed 58€ for this game... I swear this was the last Fifa I bought.


    Former Fifa gamer
  • Experienced some of them issues swell. My big issue was responsiveness. My team which included messi, neymar and mbappe felt like a team of bronze players.
  • mica_01
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    they baned me because i tell truth 😆 deleted my post...im telling all of that around 3-4 months but i was called lunatic and bad player 🙄 with simple math they collect over 2 bilions $/€ from us players and give us ...... if i say what i will be baned again forever 😁
  • Chavez76
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    mica_01 wrote: »
    they baned me because i tell truth 😆 deleted my post...im telling all of that around 3-4 months but i was called lunatic and bad player 🙄 with simple math they collect over 2 bilions $/€ from us players and give us ...... if i say what i will be baned again forever 😁

    man, I thought you were gone, starting to miss you on the forums!
  • Yossi88
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    Ea will never comment or admit out as it would be a pr disaster for them. Everyone is complaining about the issues yet not attempt to resolve them. Makes me wonder how players are getting 30 wins on wl as so many of us are experiencing massive issues.

    I have just played someone who admitted to cheating by messing the connection up not sure how but if this guy is doing it many others are doing the same.

    Honestly would prefer to not have a high ranked squad but have a game that goes more on my ability and opponents ability rather than other forces.

    You can load a game up and know soon as you kick of that you are going to lose as everything is delayed. I had at least a 3 second button delay during a wl game

  • FidoSteve
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    It’s the game speed for me one game slow the next it’s like they have been smoking crack
  • FidoSteve
    8 posts Ball Boy
    Why not have the same pace throughout the WL ?
  • Riiinooo
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    Why EA? Where are the answers? ❤️❤️❤️❤️ EA, ❤️❤️❤️❤️ THAT ALL ❤️❤️❤️❤️! Want my money and my time back.
  • Riiinooo
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    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ T H A T ALL ❤️❤️❤️❤️! you replace my words with hearts?
  • Yossi88
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    Same bud it's like playing that mystery ball in weekend league. I just played a game that it put all my players to a quarter fitness when they all had full fitness before entering the game so I just couldn't do much. Some big issues in the game.
  • Players are waiting for feedback ea. I trust you do not ignore us 🙂
  • Chavez76
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    Players are waiting for feedback ea. I trust you do not ignore us 🙂

    dont hold your breath...
  • Moy
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    Getting the same issues but like it’s been said already, EA won’t admit it as it would cripple the sales.
    Passing going the wrong way, keepers playing like they’ve got lead boots and the oppo who has the exact same keeper yet plays like his on fire!
    Made my decision months ago that this is the last fifa for me, I’ve been playing it since the mega drive first edition but now the fun has gone.
  • Pauldejong6
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    Just use your hands instead of your tears while playing.
  • Sheppard9102
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    edited May 2020
    Pauldejong6: I should have contacted you earlier. now its much better to play. thanks mate! I would have never imagined that .... just use your hands instead of your tears. its so easy. share if you can, many players are suffering in this holy moment as well. now they finally have some valuable advice.

    Thanks again mate!
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  • Wayno69
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    Chavez76 wrote: »
    Players are waiting for feedback ea. I trust you do not ignore us 🙂

    dont hold your breath...

    What if we hold our breath til we die? You think then EA might make a change?
  • Berlus
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