Stamina is making the game unplayable

My game updated the other day and ever since my players have the worst stamina in Career mode. I have to sub them aft 20 minutes in the game whilst the opposition who play the same amount of games as me, run around with full stamina. even if i rest the whole first team, they're automatically just as tired as the players that played the game before.

It is impossible to play the game when it is like this, the players can't pass correctly, defend, for any through-balls and if you do make it to the ball they pull hamstrings.

What is going on with this game!?


  • This happened to me the other day, and since then my favourite career mode is unplayable. I tried starting a new career mode, and the problem did not occur. However I want to play my Ingolstadt youth players only career mode
  • Facts . They rigged the whole game smh
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