The genius of career mode developers

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1) Players are already 29 years old falling rating, what kind of crap? For many football players 29-32, this is the peak of form.


What kind of career mode developers do you have, what do they think?
Want to play football stars? Oh no, I'm sorry, they will immediately fall in the ranking every month. And fast Messi and Ronaldo will become very slow and low rated. Are you normal ?

It is impossible to play for Barcelona and Juventus.

2) Retirement at 32 - this is a rare case in football, in the career of a coach this is a common situation.

3) Stupid loans and transfers
4) The gameplay is terrible. Corner is just idiocy. Why can’t you come up with the idea that on the corners when attacking and defending, you yourself choose who will stand out from the players?


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