Time to put FIFA 20 away?

I’ve been playing solidly a few years now. I’m not amazing, I’m not elite, but l like to think I’m an alright player and I put a few hours in every night.
I got hooked on FUT, building a squad, playing SB,Rivals and WL (as frustrating as it can be) I like to have fun with it
HOWEVER, FIFA 20 has just gets me triggered. It’s been bad from the start, imo completely ruined by icon swaps and players relegating themselves, and whether it be the sweatyness, the dropping back, servers unrewarding packs or whatever, it’s just horrible. I mean, I’m on my 4th controller and 2nd disc so far.
I had my worst WL last weekend finishing on 12 wins and so far this week in Rivals, I’ve won 1 game in around 20. I dominate possession (in some games 70-30%in my favour)I dominate shots, but l can not seem to win. It almost feels like the game won’t allow me. Whether it be that simple through ball that somehow doesn’t work, the keeper having the game of his life, every shot blocked/skyed or woodwork hit.. it just won’t go in. Any lead taken l immediately concede to an opponent who hasn’t been out his own half, or more than often l concede in the 90th minute with a first shot on target from 25 yards out. I’ve tried different tactics, formations, players and nothing’s working.
On top of this, it’s just unreal how many opponents do nothing but timewaste/skill after an undeserved lead. Some have time wasted from 20minutes in.
I can’t believe I’ve got so bad at this game, or that the game itself is so broken by updates. Be interested to know if anyone else is experiencing this cos this games not fun in anyway anymore.


  • Moy
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    I feel your pain pal, was playing earlier and you could feel the game going against you all the time.
    One example being that I must of had around 20 odd shots all being saved by a 80 rated keeper playing like a TOTY card where as my 89 rated keeper couldn’t catch a cold.
    It’s ridiculous just how bad it gets when you just know the result is already decided and you see it playing out in front of you.
    This is a big key factor on my decision on not buying the next instalment or I may end up being sectioned!
  • Firefox
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    yip totally agree no matter what i do with an 91 rated team getting beat by a 82 rated again getting beat by massive margins as with yourselves i’ve changed team tactics setup and formation and no change and tbh i’m not a bad player either but to lose to lower skilled teams gets a bit tedious so yes i’m glad i haven’t spent money buying great players coz i don’t think it would make a difference i think personally that ea rigs the games so yes i’ve now put controllers away for the season and possibly next season to

    stay safe everyone
  • BuZuS
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    Be interested to know if anyone else is experiencing this cos this games not fun in anyway anymore.
    Head over to the "FUT General discussion" forum, that's the consensus there. Nobody ever loses because of anything other than "broken game", "fixed outcome", "DD"; or other things they have to tell themselves because they can't take a loss. I'd suggest all those people to stop playing, they obviously don't like the game. But weirdly, they neither stop play nor posting. Nor do they stop buying the next version, where the cycle of "worst fifa ever, worst game ever since patch" continues. Weird.
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