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Sorry for the newb question. Is it possible to play online with and against others who aren't on your friends list? I think it'd be fun to be a LB with 21 random people who may or may not know what they are doing.

I've never played online before...been playing this game since 98, but only career mode with a friend and occasionally player career mode when I have the urge to play by myself. Thus, have no online friends to put that together. Basically I want to control one player and at least have a real teammate or two or three.


  • nassosk
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    Try Pro Clubs. You will get plenty of irrelevant, uneven (some can play, others just run and shoot), annoying people dropping in (actually that's what it's called, Drop-In match) to play with you/against you. If you like it, it's just the game for you.

    Otherwise, try Seasons. Pick a team, find a random opponent (one player) and you have a game.
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