Lampard or Gattuso and Litmanen?

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Struggling to choose who to get out of the above choices.

I need a CDM to partner 87 Partey, who would be better out of Gattuso and Lampard?

If I get Gattuso I can also get Litmanen who I will find a place for somewhere if he's any good however Lampard does look very good as a box to box mid


  • ayoubodes
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    I am using PIM Gattuso, he is very good at defense, but not good at passing. After I steal the ball with him, 40% he just gives the ball back to the opponent :smiley:
  • Chavez76
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    feel it pretty much is about what you expect from ur CDM. Only defensive? Gatusso is better, if you expect a little passing / shooting, I'd say Lamps is better. I played the 90 Lamps for a while on that position and for me, he missed that real defensive pitbull alike behaviour. I do have toty De Jong next to him in the role of going forward CDM, so that might be the issue.
    Now pairing De Jong with 88 Petite,looks like a better partnership for me.
  • Scrub39
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    I have Partey there in the second CDM position who offers a good level of defensive work. Just not sure if I want to double down and have to bully boys in the CDM position or if I want to have one playmaker type
  • Maddez
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    Litmanen is a weird card. Dribbling, passing and pace is really dissapointing. 3* skills aren’t that great as an attacking forward. But he scores bangers. Damn. You have to build a Team around him to get the best of him. But he will never win you Games on his own
  • AvalanJ
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    Chances are none of them can hold their own after tots drop, I'd get two cards stacking up on fodders for upcoming sbcs.
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