Anyone sold his team?

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I sold my team for 12 mil coins before the prices drop
I want to wait until totssf players what do you think the best time to buy a New team?
For those who sold their team and play WL did your record changend becouse i use Untradeble players and I got the same win record


  • Ben
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  • tommyboyo
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    In rage, not because I care about the value!!!

    Your WL record will not change much at all.
  • Renamed1049161219
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    Prices probably at their lowest right now

    They'll bounce back once people realise the totssf team is trash, coinciding with people wanting new teams for the weekend league
  • Maximus AK47
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    I dont see a point to sell whole team at this stage of FIFA.... personal opinion. B)

    I sold maybe 2 players I wasnt entirely happy with...

    At this stage it doesnt matter much if you have 20M or 10M or 5M team... with the disgusting and unresponsive EA gameplay the difference between good and great team cards are marginal IMO.

    I am happy with who I have for 2 teams... might replace 2-3 players max during TOTS.
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    Get him

    Or her
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