Position changes....example Lisandro Martinez....why it's wrong

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Why EA can I play a CDM as a ST but I can't play a CDM as a CB?

Example....Lisandro Martinez

Base card is a CB
But I can't play him as a CDM

FS card is a CDM
I can play him as a CDM, CM, CAM, CF or ST but not as a CB (on full chem)

It makes no sense apart from having position change cards as extra pack fillers. Why not implement secondary positions that players can play irl with maybe a -2 chem like online seasons and do away with position cards?


  • CosmicFuzz
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    Everyone is ok with this then......?
  • Mackie17
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    If they made CDM>CB cards the game would be riddled with vardy at CB

    You also only get a -2 chem if you play him at CB anyway.
  • CosmicFuzz
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    The idea is get rid of position cards and have secondary positions for players with only a minor chem penalty. Vardy wouldn't be able to be a CB unless you want to play him only 2 chem like it is now.
  • They Caged Non
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    It should be exactly the same as career mode whereby layers have preferred positions, like Hulk for example RM, RF, RW, ST.. or someone like Salah has LW, RW, ST etc
  • D14
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    It should remain how it is. Part of the excitement for promos is potential position changes.

    If you allowed a cdm > cb card as said you’d have Aubameyang and such like at cb, the same way a rm > rb card should also not exist.
  • Notformeclive
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    They should do away with positions full stop, if a player has the stats to play in a position then you should be able to play them there without being penalised.
    Kyle Walker plays as a centre back for England, why should you have to wait for an extortionately priced position change special card to play him there?
    Insigne has played his whole career at LW yet we can't play him there?, Hazard played regularly as a CAM for Chelsea etc etc.
    Keep chemistry so you still have to link Leagues and Nations.

    People saying you can formation switch, well yeah but that makes the whole thing even more pointless.
    People worrying about everyone playing Vardy and Aubameyang at centre back highlights 1) what a absolute joke this game is, 100 odd stats and about 3 matter, and 2) what a pathetic bunch of morons we have playing it.
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