Frustration at players who do this.....

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Anyone else get frustrated when an opponent plays (you do not know at the time) deliberately poor, then second half turn on the flicks, tricks and turn a 4-0 deficit into a win! Yes, I know I should defend better but it is the sheer brass neck they have to do this. If you are a great player play like it all game, I don’t quit whatever the score. I play to enjoy the game, some (in fact most) will be better than me but play honest. Why play so far below your ability just to annoy people, such toxicity!


  • Probably two brothers taking a half each..
  • PirateW
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    I was playing a game yesterday and went 1-0 up. Knock on front door on about 20 minutes - delivery. Handed controller to daughter to keep game active. Came back in as opponent had scored to make it 3-1, shushing and cupping hand to ears.
    Second half kicked off, they score kick off goal to make 4-1. They pause the game continuously probably hoping I quit. Bring it back to 4-4 by 80th minute. Daughter shouts panicking that dog has been sick. I kick ball out and pause it, give controller back to daughter and tell her to pause it at every opportunity.
    Come back in and find out it finished 5-4 to them and they've messaged me saying how awful I played, slagging me off for wasting time, and they've reported me for bad sportsmanship.

    I won't forget their gamertag.
  • number7rocky
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    I'm sure no one plays bad on purpose 😂 bad gameplay can make you play bad though or appear below your actual ability.

    Makes an already small skill gap even smaller. I have/had plenty of "competitive" matches with people worse than me because of that and also the game being so random with bounces etc..
  • Pepe Le DiLzZ
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    I have had many games where one half the opponent was absolutely garbage and the other they played like pros. I'm sure it's not two people playing each half but game is trying to eff you over.
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