Potential Positioning Glitch (Need to know if others are also experiencing this)

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I completed Bakayoko's FB objective card and when I'm controlling him, he is a menace. A dream CM/CDM for me. However, his positioning when I'm not controlling him seems to be glitched? My opponents could be on the counter, running straight past him and he will just stand still and not track back? I've noticed this especially in FUT Champs.

I've tried using every single instruction and nothing fixes it. Has anyone else had this issue? My other CDM Kante often has the same issue too. I Play 4-2-3-1 narrow most games.


  • Antparry92
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    Slightly different glitch but when I play 3-4-1-2 or 3-1-4-2 my LM ALWAYS starts the game by basically my corner flag on the left :joy:
  • Mackie17
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    He doesn't track back for me either

    SBC fodder
  • Heppers
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    Mackie17 wrote: »

    He doesn't track back for me either

    SBC fodder

    I don't care if he has Low/Low. He shouldn't be literally stood still
  • Sercs
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    Defensive awareness is bad on that card
  • Rickmord
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    That run the fut market guy said exactly the same thing Brilliant but let’s people run past him
  • Cloudio7
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    I play 4321 with the three attackers on stay forward, the two cms (B. Silva on the left and Laudrup on the right) on cover the wing but when defending they switch each other side.
  • Zz Spireiite x
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    When I play 451 the RAM swaps position with the RM and LAM swaps with LM
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