Server Issue while playing DIVISION RIVALS

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Let me introduce myself first...
am from India and am a huge fan of FIFA and dats why I bought FIFA 20 for 4.5k INR which is a huge money for most of us...being an Engineer it is not so easy to earn money here in India but still being a gamer I have always supported the gaming community by buying games and supporting it's dev rather pirating it...But I have a question for you EA TEAM...Do you guys think we are a bunch of fools who support you every time by buying your games and U pay back us with your incompetency to provide ur customers with an error free servers??
U have introduced Division rivals,FUT championship in ur game so dat we can go globally and take this game to a whole new level....but I think while introducing those things in the game u have forgot dat an error free SERVERS really do matters to play the game online...So I wud like to suggest before u release any further game in the coming years do hire TECHNICALLY SKILLED engineers so that they can do their job efficiently....Or you can hire them from INDIA...will teach u something lot better....Thanks
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    The answer to your question is simple:

    - They only care about making money, and the way to do it it's selling Fifa Points. For that, they make a lot of promos.

    The game is full of bugs, the servers are horrible, PC is infested with cheaters. But it works well for them. Why? Because their business model is based on create addiction on people. So they always feel like spending a bit more $ to buy some packs, a promo pack, SBCs and so on.

    EA is a very shady company, with that pack luck and all of this. Who knows all the tricks they have behind the system!?

    So, in a nutshell, as long as people keep buying FP and increasing their revenue, things will go on like that.

    They don't care about the game. They simply have a guy, which goes to a team and say : "Last quarter we made $$. This quarter, we have to make $$$$". If they do that, probably they all get a very fat bonus.

    EA create and explores people's addiction. And it works pretty well.
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