Any opinions on these Icons?

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I've been using 92 Raul, but he's not clicked for me, thinking I'd be replacing him with one of these three attackers. I mainly play possession, not much of a dribbler (try to limit to 5 dragbacks per game...)

Formation is 4132 in game, with 1 striker as false 9. Villa can play as either striker. Looking to spend around 1 mil. This is the current team -

PIM Van Basten - had him in 18, really liked him
PIM Kluivert
PIM Rivaldo - had his LW card, didn't enjoy it, bit worried about his weak foot.

Other suggestions welcome, needs to be an icon as I switch out Iniesta/Traore sometimes to mix things up.


  • AuKepone
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    Been using PIM Van Basten (loan) tonight. He loves using the old outside foot trait, scored me some screamers in off the post. Clinical! Not sure I'd choose him out of those three.

    I'd go Kluivert, looks perfect.
  • URBirdman
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    PIM Owen is better than any of the ones you mentioned...
  • abhreebhu_45
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    Zola?,, del piero?,,
    Worth a go
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