How do they do it?

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How do 99% of my opponents have such a high pressure tactic whilst maintaining low depth and team structure?

If I go to team press it pulls my team apart. I can’t get any pressure on the ball!

Opposition defenders are like glue on me though, anyone else having the same issues? I’m getting my dinner handed to me in division 4 and I’ve been in 2 all year, what’s happened!?


  • Staxdoobie
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    I would love to know this too. How DO you set your team up to behave like that?? I think anyone who can answer this has truly found the answer to life, the universe and everything.
  • Baddest_cubza_1
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    I have no clue mate I’ve tried everything my team is so passive and my players are weak!
  • Cervelo
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    I know the feeling, it's all very strange, I can't close them down, yet I'm tackled just as I receive the ball, they never miss and if they do they are back on before I can react. It's just not fun. I'll play something enjoyable.
  • Baddest_cubza_1
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    I used to think it was connection based, I’m not so sure now though
  • BarrieBaflap
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    Because they use tactics given by people that like to ruin games called youtubers
  • Baddest_cubza_1
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    Because they use tactics given by people that like to ruin games called youtubers

    What is it though? Genuinely curious
  • Jonboyparker
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    Balancrd CTs. And be fast to press and player RS switch.

    If you play balanced, 4 or 5 depth, your team naturally comes back anyway so there’s no need for PTB. Your defence just doesn’t sit there. You can then react quicker on the press because your player isn’t dropping back instantly.

    A lot of people play drop back or low depth but this hinders the press. You invite pressure on yourself. I have never seen a decent player recommend dropback online or in person so I don’t understand why people do it.

    If you come up against a better player, your team will PTB regardless of you tactics which is why lots of people believe it is used 90% of the time. The deeper you are the harder it is to press
  • d3b4s1s
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    The pressure has been another level lately. I don’t play drop back or high pressure, try to do build up play, but how do i play if all my players are marked for interceptions while one if them is constantly chasing me down.

    Also the opponent players knocking the ball off me so easily, from any direction, even from the back, regardless of their build/strength/defensive stats.
  • Kobayashi
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    Aggressive interceptions on key positions but don't use team press
  • kraid
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    Press on heavy touch plus a good connection and early switching. I’ve had people complain I use constant pressure but I never do
  • browney1888
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    1 depth drop back low width

    in game activate d pad team press
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