Has this game gotten worse.

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Haven't played the game in months but man this game is still frustrating.
1 ) My defenders literally have no agility or reactions & constantly out of position.
2 ) I can't even switch to the nearest player, 4 of my players in the box yet none can react to a loose ball next to them, yet the AI player further away then the 4 of them can get to the ball easily.
3 ) Playing as Man Utd on Legendary, most of my players 80 +, Rashford constantly takes the ball in to touch without me touching a button ( WTH ), playing on full manual controls why is the ball not going the direction I point towards if I'm in control of it.
4 ) 2 of my defenders with strength of 80 + get punked out by the AI as they both act like they're bouncing off a wall.


  • Ballsantini
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    Yes agree with all this and can confirm they keep making the gameplay worse. Its just broken and the company lacks the capability or desire to produce a good game. The scarier notion is that the company thinks its a good product - that is the most worrisome to me, if thats what they think. Could explain why theyre producing ❤️❤️❤️❤️ year after year.
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    Must be a rhetorical question.
  • So frustrating.. a really good timed tackle and they run straight though me...WTF.
    I have played for years and this upgrade is very annoying. Everyone is playing with liverpool now..
    Boring! I used to enjoy playing against different teams. I play with Spurs..bring on a competition that allows the West hams, Leister, Evertons..
    Energy levels are low without warning and starting 11 changes before starting the game??? Crap!
  • well you all know what we gotta do next september, an even lower rating till EA start taking us seriously


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    Was it ever any good?
  • unxius
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    It's been on sky sports , so they've had to make sure that the gameplay is half decent by making sure them games run properly, at the expense of other games , that's why when theres a tournament the gameplay takes a dip .
  • Mg29
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    This is THÈ worst fifa I have EVER played. So many stupid lags, ❤️❤️❤️❤️ moments where the opponent gets the perfect rebound. This game is totally scripted. I demand a better game next year. This game is complete ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
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    well you all know what we gotta do next september, an even lower rating till EA start taking us seriously


    I fully understand this dissatisfaction, EA realizes the gameplay for a minority while forgetting the vast majority of customers. Which company does this?

    In addition, the game is full of inconsistencies.

    In addition, EA owns almost all of the licenses.

    It is normal that customers are not satisfied. They pay and the game goes wrong.
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    It’s not about us players it’s about the best way ea can make money, it’s American for god sake they literally have no idea about football. However I do know the more you spend the higher you go up the league.i spent money in fifa 18 got to div4 fifa 19 spent a third of the year previous div6/5 this year not a penny div10 I’m pooled it’s pretty obvious really you pay to play. They control the whole thing. Even players cheating by dropping divisions and false teams all a total ❤️❤️❤️❤️ mess
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    It has gotten worse. Now all leagues/cups crash in Tournament Mode. Absolutely pathetic. Hopefully they fix this in FIFA 21.
  • Rajarshi_CFC
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    After the last update, I don't feel like playing it anymore.
  • V10Unit
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    Yes progressively since the BETA...NO QUESTION!
  • A can’t believe how bad this game is, it’s like controlling a team of Stephen Hawkins for what use they are.

    If I try and defend it’s a waste of time, I can’t catch their wingers but they can outpace mine.

    My played constantly get barged over from behind while through in goal and nothing is given.

    My passes are a lottery as the where they’ll end up.

    I’m gonna snap this disc in half soon as it’s the biggest waste of an excuse for a football game I’ve ever played.
  • unxius
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    It's a game that sells player cards and has an international tournament that has a cash reward .
    So if the game isn't performing as the stats on the cards or the game isn't running or performing properly then it comes under a form of negligence for not fixing the problems and making billions on a product that people can not improve on . Because gameplay is broken .
  • SBaggio59
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    FUT mode is anti football, nothing to do with football, it's completely stupid, it's really nonsense, the matches are completely unbalanced and the scenarios are blatant, we can see that EA benefits special players or like Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo and the big teams, even when the user is dominated. It's an automatic mode, a card game.
    It is not fair, it is the anarchy of this mode, the special attackers are stronger in defense than the defenders, and the special attackers are stronger in defense than the defenders.
    I saw the card at De Bruyne, the guy is everything, defender, attacker, midfielder and goalkeeper ... It is the card of the king who will get all the advantages, sorry for the small team that will meet him , even more, if the player is experienced.
    FUT mode has to go to the trash, to find a way out to enjoy the icons.
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