How much xp is there to gain per season?

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I'm currently at 48040 xp (there's about 8k xp left I haven't done, not including week 5 gold, play online II or squad battles II), 51960 xp away from getting the storyline player. Will I be able to get him? How much xp do you gain ger per game? How much xp can I expect to be unlockable for me in the remaining time?

Any help is appreciated


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    I get most stuff done including dailies..didn’t touch bakayoko or the previous rivals player grind and I’ve 109k...

    But there’s always more to play for during promos so not sure what that means for the next week or so..

    Pretty sure you don’t get xp just for playing per say..But getting the dailies done in tandem with the friendlies grind should top you up day to day
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