The most annoying bug

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This is the third weekend league I experience it:

When pausing, you think the controller is broken. It’s like it’s stuck in ‘flipping right’ ... it just keeps moving to whatever is to the right of whichever position your cursor is at. In the menu, in tactics, wherever.

Not on the pitch. But also post match and in the game menus after this.

So, it’s impossible to switch players. Awesome, it’s not like the game is stressing enough as it is.

“It is your controller,” you say?

No. Console menus work fine. Relaunching the game fixes it. But WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THAT 4 TIMES IN THIS WL, AND ONLY WHEN I PLAY WL?


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    On the PC, the game always jumps to the positon of the mouse cursor with any input, even if you cannot see it on the screen or if you do not use the mouse. I always make sure to move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen, usually bottom down.

    On consoles ... dunno.
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