New PC patch crashes to Desktop

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The new small patch we received today on pc is causing crash to desktop on the loading screen of rivals matches, this also gives you the loss when you log back in which is nice.


  • TimJ147
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    This is still happening every other rivals game on pc.
  • Having the same issue, no communication from EA yet.
  • This is also happening in squad battles
  • DavidTrezeguet
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    Hi, currently this bug has not been detected and in my PC it works perfectly!

    Try repairing the game via Origin client.
    In addition, try deleting these files:
    - FutSquads_DATE_TIME (like FutSquads20200408142746)
    - Assets_DATE_TIME
    These files are within the game profile folder: your_user_name\Documents\FIFA 20\settings\

    Start the game and see if it works!

    If the problem persists, please contact the support center explaining in detail the bug and whether it is occurring in online/offline mode.
  • Thanks for your response, I'll give it a go.
    So far the issue has been happening in FUT mode for both squad battles and division rivals.
    This started only after the latest update
  • EvenAFire
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    I have had many issues with fifa and that stuff with crashes and things like that.
    However disabling hotkeys on windows have made it so i dont crash.
    This was done to prevent crashes on a other game but worked on fifa aswell.
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