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In RL football, the statistics are overwhelming in favor of the shooter to score off pks.

In FIFA 20, I find my success rate in scoring is low during the game, ok during pk shootouts.

I like the way 89 Dybala shoots, I also have 87 Krespo, I have used 87 Kolorov.

previous version of Fifa we could tell which way a dude was going to shoot by the head movements. this version, I can't see any identifiable ticks or clues which way a dudes going to shoo. How are people figuring out if I am going hard corner?

I am around a lot of rl quality football, and maybe 1 out of 5 Neuer will save if the ball is hit hard and low to a corner or high in a corner.... yet in Fifa, opponent goal keepers are taking me to the cleaners.

Any secrets, tutorials, advice?

Thanks in advance.


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    Game makes it far too easy for the keeper to save it. Really there's three options - left, right or down the middle. 90% of the time, if they guess correctly that's it. I usually try to go as close to the top corner as possible, but it's quite high risk as it's easy for it to end up hitting the post/bar.
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