The plague tale innocence, 👍🏻

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Just completed the game today, it’s free on game pass. Definitely worth a download.
Wasn’t really feeling it when I downloaded it, but wasn’t long before I was hooked.
It’s a stealth RPG, so you have to do loads of sneaking about to get past guards etc. Definitely had me hooked!! Nice wee changed from loot boxes coop online fast frenzy games.
A trailer if anyone is interested


  • RadioShaq
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    Was thinking about getting this on pc. Looks like it has some good graphics to go along with a story.
  • Wi1son73
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    I would say go for it mate, I really enjoyed playing this game. Was something different from what I'm used too. Awesome storyline with good graphics, plus it was one of the games on my Xbox game pass.
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