DC when you score 2nd goal. (EDIT: After cross goal game chrashes)

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Listen dudes. Youre selling AAA game for 60+ euros. And in COMPETETIVE MODE, your COMPETETIVE MODE your game chrashes when someone score 2nd goal? Are you serious??? How can this happen with company big as EA? And where is some organisation, or something that keeps tracks of this fraud like moments? What is going on??? Its 21 century for the love of god.
Im aware of corona situation, but dudes this is not due to corona, its neglect and incompetence at best.
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    What are you speaking off?? played 11 matches of futchamps today, havent noticed the same.
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    Actually goal from crosses are crashing the game... My game just chrashed when i scored after cross.
  • Scored headers all week.

    2-0 up in WL, about to go 3-0 with a header and I get the blue screen of death.

    Classed as a loss.

    EA have known about this problem all week but haven’t fixed it. What’s the point.
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