Anddd new update gameplay issues

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Many good things came out of the update yesterday - especially with regards to ai attacking in offline mode.

But guys - now the balance is all off on the attacking side and AI defending side. You cant nerf through balls on ai teams that press. Theres acres of open space and somehow every through ball finds an AI defender. Secondly, under no circumstance should laporte be faster than Traore. Just played a game where my players were losing to city centerbacks in open balls. Bad touch error is way too high again. If sadio mane ever actually took 7 touches and 4 seconds to settle a lofted pass he wouldnt be playing in the premier league.

Also headers - i realize headers have been nerfed since September but do you guys actually watch the sport? Taller, stronger and more aggressive players should just always win the header and they should be accurate even if under pressure. Van dijk should not lose a 50/50 ball to aguero.

Im literally adjusting the sliders every 3 days to get the game to feel remotely fluid. This is crazy. You make good changes to the gameplay but then ruin them by adjusting other things that dont need to be adjusted or not addressing the most widespread issues (ai Defending tackles from behind, vision, headers).

Btw the with the new update, if i put my controller down i win back the ball faster than if i manually defend in offline game mode. This is circa fifa 18 style.

The balance in this game has just been dreadfully off for years now. Take it slow. You guys need to make one change at a time, test the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ out of it, then implement, until the appropriate balance is gradually obtained. If you did this and communicated it to the community people would support it. But right now were all getting whiplash from the constant and seemingly random modifications.
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