What went wrong?

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When the game was first released i can remember it was regarded by a lot of people as the best for years.how have we got to this mess of a game?after FIFA 19 I didn’t think they could go to new depths but they seem to have surpassed it imo.patch after patch seems to have made it a complete mess.and the way they have behaved With the recent team of the weeks and icon swaps it’s getting to the point where it’s just not worth playing this game anymore.add in the rewards system and pack weight being a complete joke It’s getting to the point where I’m can’t even turn the game on.and I’ve never felt like that with previous FIFA’s.


  • RadioShaq
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    Takes awhile for everyone to get 99 pace players and chem. Also takes some time till everyone learns the meta. Matchmaking is also not leveled out so playing wide variety of skill so good players are doing really well at the start. After that then people complain and ask for a patch.
  • Iron_works
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    For me though it’s got bad very quickly I played the beta and the ball rebounding off ur defender seemed to have been fixed where as now it’s literally a lottery when you make a tackle.and that’s just one example this game is a complete mess from top to bottom.
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