NO FIFA 21 in 2020 ?

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With everything going on involving COVID-19 and the football calendar is affected for the long haul does this mean FIFA 21 will come out in August 2021 as there's Clubs around the world that might not make next year plus we don't know what will happen to leagues around the world involving Promotion/Relegation especially if there considered Void and then there's the transfer season could we have different months in FIFA 21 to buy players who knows what will happen with FIFA 21.


  • Vincne1
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    Won’t buy it even if there is
  • HRodMusic
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    fifa should just be free to play... it should be called just Fifa with monthly updates.
  • SaduS90
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    Ye should be just DLCs as it is the same game for the past 3 years....
  • Pwalie86
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    Fifa will release the game as normal. When Bury were expelled from the league, they kept the team in the game.

    Now I can't be sure if it'll release at the normal time. I suspect that it will be delayed a few months. Could be weeks or even no delays. I just hope Xbox Series X releases as normal so I can play Fifa on that. Here's hoping!
  • Pooter
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    Vincne1 wrote: »
    Won’t buy it even if there is

    Yup their customer service is the worst I’ve seen in the software industry
  • Jboom98
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    I wish Codemasters would bring back this :'(
    A 2020 LMA Manager video game would kill FIFA because who didn't love building their own stadiums in LMA Manager and the voices of Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen :+1:
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