Have they changed Div Rivals rewards?

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Sorry if I’m missing something but I just had a look at my current rank in rivals. Compared to the previous week I have the same rank in the same division (rank 2 in division 5) but rewards shown are different. Last week it was 44k coins, this time 39k coins (which is the reward from div 6 iirc). Any changes or not yet updated?


  • CarpeDiem
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    you must have been relegated before the start of this week, you get the rewards for the division you start the week in.
  • EisenErmin
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    You probably got relegated to div. 6 and back to div.5

    The rewards are always for the division you started the week (in your case div.6).
  • Brustring1893
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    Oh didn’t know that actually. Thanks for the quick and helpful feedback.
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