EA fix loans in career mode

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Dear communications managers @EA_GZaro,@EA_Roger, @Alastair

You must communicate the information more carefully.
EA should make a change in career mode, at least insignificant. It is clear that it takes a lot of time to make fundamental changes. But changing the transfer market is not difficult. Pay more attention to dedicated fans who love and buy the game for career mode.

If you continue to not be so attentive to this mode in the game, you will lose part of the market and miss annual customers. This is just a tip.

Let's move on to the changes.
Change the transfer market.
1) Strange transitions during the transfer window:
Less weird transitions, for example: English players in a crowd move to other championships. Where does it fit? Fewer international transfers, more domestic. And also remove stupid loans when the computer can loan any player. Wesley from Aston Villa, the main striker and goes on loan, is just a shock. This is your omission dear EA developers.
2) Loans players. It should be possible to buy a player who is on loan. This is very disturbing. You want a certain player, but because of the loan you cannot buy it, and you have to wait a year, and sometimes more, it doesn’t even happen in real life.
3) Change the ban on the purchase of players from stronger leagues. Why can't I buy a player from England to Mexico? What is it Apparently the player is not ready for the transition ??? what nonsense? Well it would have been with very strong players, but you can’t take the league two young player from the Premier League club. This is complete nonsense. Who invented this? Fix please.
4) Loan with the right to buy back and also reduce the period of invalidity of a player who has recently moved to the club. Retirement is your very good idea, and it helps very well in this.

Loans of players should be improved. Now you can not always loan a player, even a young one who does not qualify. Fix it. Add the opportunity to take a player who simply does not qualify for the main team, and not just players under the age of 25. Let these loans cost money or be redeemable (mandatory or optional)

For example, Alexis Sanchez went on loan , but in the game we cannot repeat a similar loan

should be the types of loans:
with further repurchase rights (binding and non-binding)
for gaming experience (a young player who is not a member)
due to the not so strong percentage of the rating, the player does not qualify and can be loaned.

Please fix this. At least just the ability to buy a player who is on loan at another club.


  • ArneMueller
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    Will not happen, EA does not care about career mode. We're only the guys who finance the development of the game so that they can present the FUT guys their slot machines. :#
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