What team should I play as in a Road To Glory Career Mode?

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New to this Forum and FIFA Career Mode- Never Had This Much Free Time
I have heard a lot about a Road to Glory Career and I want to start one. I want to ask this Reddit Community what is the best English League 2 Team to do a Road to Glory Career With. I love history and would love to play as a team with lots of history. By history, I mean a club that has had the same name for a long period and not a club that has changed names a lot. I also am looking for a club that most likely will not get relegated from the Football League. My goal is to try to play a career mode with this club every year. Is there any club in League 2 that most likely will be promoted and maybe reach the English Championship or even possibly ever reach the Premier League? I have gone through each club and I like Plymouth Argyle and Cheltenham Town uniforms and their locations. South Western England seems nice and possibly a great vacation one day. (I am an American) Any Suggestions?


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    I would actually go for a German 3. Liga club, because there are some teams there that not very long ago were in the Bundesliga, even among Europe's finest: I'm talking Ingolstadt, Kaiserslautern, Hansa Rostock, 1860 Munich or Eintracht Braunschweig here.

    But if you do want to stick to England, then I'd say Plymouth Argyle sounds good. And I hope you post on your progress in story format. This segment could do with some fresh blood and more livelyhood :wink:
  • ElMarcos
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    Salford City could be nice. Just like Bolton.
  • Tank88
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    Thoughts on Northampton? Or Colchester? Or Cheltenham?
  • Danimal5981
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    Colchester made it to the Championship once, so it would be nice if you could repeat that
    (and then improve on it)
  • Rdubuisson
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    I have a hard time doing an RTG Career Mode and get to the Premier League and have so much money to spend all of a sudden. in Fifa 19 For example, I take Notts County from League two to the Prem with mostly Youth Academy players and my first season my transfer budget is $75 Million. Then I qualify for Europa League the next season, I get $45MM and qualify for the champion's league the next season and I get $151MM transfer budget. Since I refuse to buy expansive players to create a super team, It would be nice to use that money to upgrade the Stadium or do something else with it besides giving each of my youth players each a $1 Million weekly salary :smiley:
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