COMMUNITY REQUEST: Friendly matches history

15 posts Ball Boy
Hello EA Sports,

There is a large community of people on PC, Xbox and PlayStation that hold championships for proclubs, and we use the friendly ones a lot. As EA Sports has no interest in this mode; federations and organizations were created to organize these championships and generate statistics and also rankings of professional championships / players.

However, we have never had a history of friendlies on the EA website. There is only history for League and Cup matches. Because of that, always after a game, we have to take screenshots or make films to check the statistics of each player and feed in a separate system.

In addition, we have heard that there are cheats / hacks that are undetectable in friendly matches, precisely because there is no history on the EA website.

For this reason, I ask you (along with other players who will respond below) to consider adding friendly matches on the EA website.

Sincerely, Bartwoo.



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