How Best to Utilise Winter Refresh Ibra

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A bit behind the times here! I was lucky enough to pack him a while ago from the Winter Refresh SBC. I just can't get the best out of him. I think he works better with a striker alongside him. I've actually set him to run in behind because he's quite strong when he makes runs and receives in his stride. I've also experimented a bit with just holding off players and trying to roll them. He's a bit hit a miss for me and I'm just wondering how people use him in their teams?


  • Paawkyy
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    By using him in an SBC
  • Finesse_4days
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    I dont use him but would probably use him on stay central, balanced runs and stay forward in a 2 striker formation and try and use shielding +5 *skills.
  • Pauldejong6
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    I used the scream version. Zlatan wont ever be an elite player in this fifa engine. But hes fun because its zlatan.
  • Cloudio7
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    In a two strikers formation giving him the false 9 instruction, better if paired to a small slim body type attacker like Mertens.
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