Any PIM Puyol reviews?

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Looking at getting Puyol through icon swaps as I loved him as a player and need a new CB. He would likely be paired with Opara so his lack of pace isnt an issue and doesn't put me off.

I'm more interested to hear how he is at tackling and on the ball. His defensive stats are brilliant but I know that doesn't always count for much in this game.


  • QuartzRevenge
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    Honestly I would pass. I took him in swaps and now he is out of my team. Don’t get me wrong he is a fantastic player when under pressure in the box, very good defensive positioning (still loses the ball like any other defending though). The pace is a real issue, I play a high line and he was the real weak spot in my defence. Once someone passed him that was it, he cannot recover.

    Fantastic if you can deal with the occasional through ball but can become increasingly frustrating. Height was no issue though. Hindsight I would not have done him
  • Rajarshi_CFC
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    He's great as a defender but he's slow which is the biggest drawback of the card.
  • Scrub39
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    Cheers guys, might take a pass in that case. Would it be any better in a 5 at the back formation?
  • Damonlufc
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  • Ben
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    I’m waiting for pim petit myself. Came up against the prime in WL and he was a nightmare to play against .
  • garmak
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    Puyol a tank who tackles really well, wins almost every ball. Not nimble. Mobility is enough with a shadow. Wouldn't pair him with slow defenders. His height is not an issue. Can't recall him ever losing a header. Depends what you're looking for. I'm happy with him.
  • DannySTFC
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    Any further reviews on PIM Puyol from swaps guys?
  • PabloSB
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    Great if you have fast defenders with him . Positioning is excellent.
  • Mercenary
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    Because this game is f***ed up that catters to 1 depth park the bus then counter attack with 99 pace Mbappevia throughballs, I'd pass on Puyol, just too slow even with a shadow. Which is a shame because the defensive and physical stats are insane. Gattuso looks like he could be an OK cdm but your CBs and Full Backs need to be fast.
  • Markman007
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    Great positioning, jumping, tackling. But too slow and not agile enough for this stage of the game. I sold him.
  • RayS
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